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Our school residence, for students from 12 to 18 years old, is located in the school grounds, offers the perfect balance between living in the middle of nature, privacy, fun and friendship, all in an international environment. 

Located near the mountain of Montserrat, considered to be the most important and significant mountain in Catalonia, it is about 30kms from Barcelona.

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Residence for students

Living at Agora Barcelona International Boarding is a great opportunity,  for both academic and personal development. It’s the opportunity to grow into people who have the tools that will allow them to shape the world. A source of experiences and friendships that will accompany students throughout their lives and will enable them to take the first steps to achieve a successful future.

Students who want to combine their studies with sports training have the ideal situation at Agora Barcelona International Boarding. In addition to their academic studies, residents can also train with the best specialists in sports such as Football, Golf, Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Chess, E-sports. The school itself has 40,000 m of sports facilities (football fields, swimming pool, tennis court, paddle tennis courts, sports hall, gym, volleyball court and a golf course in front of the school, which allows them to train in their favorite sport without leaving the school grounds.

Our Residence

The Agora Barcelona International Boarding is a home from home, where our tutors and educators accompany our residents all the way, for them to continue to cultivate values such as effort, teamwork, tolerance, modesty or respect.

The residence offers an ideal setting for coexistence in a multicultural, diverse, tolerant and open environment. It brings together girls and boys from different countries around the world who mutually enrich each other by bringing their customs, their way of understanding life, their cultural references and their mother tongue. The two predominant languages are Spanish and English.

The Residence is decorated along the lines of the millenary art of Fengshui, bringing energy, stability and calm which is in turn transmitted to those who live there.

The rooms, which are doubles or triples, are spacious, modern and full of natural light. Each resident has a bed with bedside table, a desk, an individual wardrobe, shelves on the wall for textbooks, as well as a bathroom with wash basin, toilet and shower.

A number of common areas are found throughout the residence, making it easy for residents to interact and creating a sense of family. There is an area for group study as well as other areas for socialising and relaxing, and a TV room for shared viewing with fellow residents, table games, table football and a garden to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

All meals are freshly prepared by our chefs and served in our school dining room. With an emphasis on healthy and balanced eating, our chef uses local produce and recipes from the rich Mediterranean diet. Boarding students enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

The day begins with a good breakfast with their classmates, so they can enjoy the first classes with energy. At the end of the school day and after a snack, the residents have the support of their educators to do their homework.

Through academic personalization, our school makes it possible for students who are developing their sporting skills, to be able to fulfil their commitments in other clubs. Technification programmes are aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 18 who are sports enthusiasts and interested in access to top level sporting activities and who wish to combine their studies with the possibility of practising sport on a daily basis, both inside and outside the school grounds.

Our educational project

The educational project at Agora Barcelona International School is defined by 5 distinctive elements: the International Baccalaureate as a model for the future, multilingualism, STEAM, sport and a commitment to providing our pupils with the tools to grow as global citizens who can shape the world.

  • IB: a model for the future: The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides students with a comprehensive and demanding curriculum accepted by the world's most prestigious universities.
  • Multilingualism: We prepare our students for an international future. We offer a multilingual educational project, with linguistic immersion beyond English, enabling them to master the official languages alongside English, French, German and Chinese.
  • STEAM: Science and arts: We develop scientific and artistic skills, bringing enormous cognitive and personal benefits, as well as enhancing their communication skills.
  • Sports and health: Sports help to develop and promote values such as perseverance, self-improvement and teamwork, as well as social skills.
  • Shaping the World: Children entering education today will graduate as young adults in 2045. We must prepare them for jobs and technologies that do not exist today, to solve problems that have not yet been foreseen. We must encourage our students to take charge and shape their own future: we want them to be global citizens who can shape the world.

Types of accommodation


A complete experience in the residence and in the school. Students have the opportunity to live in the residence for the entire academic year, including weekends.


Students can enjoy all the facilities offered by the residence during the week, and then return home at weekends to rest and recharge their batteries.

Trimestres académicos

Students can choose to stay in the residence for a full academic term, allowing them to have a full and enriching experience in a shorter period of time.

What is included in the Agora Barcelona International Boarding