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Curriculum and Key Stages

The concept of educating the whole person is the keystone of our educational system. Here at Agora Barcelona International School, we aim to prepare our students for real-life global challenges. Thanks to our innovative, international and multilingual approach, we are able to enhance both the academic and personal progress of each student.We strive to nurture ethical young men and women, who are capable of taking a leading role in making our world a better place and are equipped with the necessary tools to be successful in all areas of their lives. Our curriculum fosters an all-round educational approach from an early age, incorporating linguistic immersion in English from Preschool onwards, and ensuring that students receive personalised tutorial attention to help them to achieve academic success in the future. When students come to the end of this exciting journey, our Baccalaureate students are able to take advantage of a pre-university orientation programme which incorporates mentoring sessions to help them set appropriate goals, and a Work Experience programme which allows them an insight into the reality of the working world.

IB World School

Agora Barcelona International School is an IB World School, and at Post 16 our students get the opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Many reports show that students who have studied the IBDP feel better prepared for the research-style learning required at university and IB students often seem to cope better with demanding workloads and time management challenges.


Preschool is a key stage in the learning process, as here we lay the foundations for your child’s later academic life. At this stage we focus on linguistic immersion in English, art and music, emotional intelligence and creative play.


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Primary Education

During your child’s Primary years, in addition to providing a sound foundation in literacy and numeracy, we work on consolidating personal and social skills, including the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, critical analysis, problem-solving, taking initiative, and personal and collective responsibility.

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Secondary Education

The main objective of the Secondary stage is to provide our pupils with the necessary skills to develop critical, analytical and rational thinking, enabling them to participate actively and successfully in society.

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International Baccalaureate (IB) 

The prestigious IB Diploma Programme is a leading educational qualification that prepares students for an international future and is recognised and respected by the world’s most prestigious universities.

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Vocational Training

Vocational training courses in Sport and Leisure are run in conjunction with official Cambridge qualifications, leading to a double award for students who want to pursue careers in the Sports or Leisure sectors.


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High-performance sports

Students interested in high-performance sports technification, both male and female, of sports such as soccer, tennis, paddle tennis or golf can combine sports activities with their academic career thanks to our sports technification program, with which they can study at school, live in the residence and train in any of these sports.

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