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Secondary Education

The main objective of the Secondary Education stage is to provide all our pupils with the necessary resources to develop the critical, analytical and rational thinking skills that will enable them to participate actively and successfully in today’s world. We want our students to become well-rounded, competent individuals and useful members of society. Our methodology enables our students to acquire good work and study habits, along with self-discipline, tenacity and perseverance. Oral and written communication skills are emphasised throughout all subjects in order to enable pupils to put together a logical, coherent and well-developed argument in any topic on the syllabus. Responsibility and self-discipline are vital tools for every pupil’s personal development. We believe in using creative and collaborative methodology, so that all our pupils learn to take responsibility for their own progress, act independently and lead successful lives.

Secondary stage curriculum

The most important features of the Secondary school stage are:

  • Trilingual education: each subject is taught in the language specifically chosen for that subject (English, Catalan or Spanish). Furthermore, all our pupils study either German or French as an additional foreign language.
  • Daily work on skills, abilities and multiple intelligences.
  • Multidisciplinary programmes, appropriate for the social reality of our world.
  • Direct and active experimentation in small groups of students.
  • Cooperative learning in teams and pairs
  • Independent learning
  • Personalised education through frequent, individual tutorials.

Our students are able to sit for officially recognised qualifications and examinations prepared by the University of Cambridge, the Alliance Française, the Deutsche Akademie and the Hang Ban Institute (Youth Chinese Test). These qualifications certify each student’s progress and the level of language ability achieved in the different language programmes.

When your child reaches 14 years old, our specialist teachers, class tutors and school psychologists assess each student and discuss their future options with them. The students are given as much help as they need to decide which route to take to prepare them for the Baccalaureate programme of their choice, and their university options.