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STEAM: Science and arts

Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics play a crucial part in every student's learning journey. At Agora Barcelona International School, we embed creativity in all activities related to these subjects, helping students learn how to make connections, how to organize their ideas, how to be creative, how to make decisions and how to work together across different disciplines.

Pedagogical approach

Artists and scientists share the same skills, which is why at Agora Barcelona International School we give a leading role to all the disciplines that comprise it. That is why we work with LEGO® Education SPIKE ™ Prime to provide our students with the best training in programming and robotics. Thanks to the software and activities adapted to the needs of each one of them, as well as the specific training of teachers, they will be able to learn the tools with which they will gradually advance in the exciting and intuitive world of different programming languages.

Music and expressive arts are key to the integral development of children: they provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits, in addition to enhancing their communication skills. Music education favors the development and improvement of special talents, along with values ​​such as effort and improvement, sensitivity, organization, or teamwork. At Agora Barcelona International School, we give it a leading role through our link with the Conservatory of the Liceu of Barcelona.

Our Music curriculum is designed to offer our students an active and engaging musical experience. All our pupils learn at least one stringed or wind instrument as part of the Orchestra Project (violin, viola, cello) or the Big Band Project (trumpet, French horn, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums and guitar), also developing their vocal talents by taking part in choral activities under the guidance of the Montserrat Choral school.

Agora Barcelona International School is affiliated to the Liceu Music School in Barcelona and we have access to the Liceu’s teachers and resources, supplementing our own music programme with teaching materials and evaluation criteria shared with the Liceu. Thanks to this agreement, pupils get the chance to obtain the Liceu’s Elementary Diploma in Music and can continue studying with the Liceu to advanced level. The support provided by the Liceu Music School allows our students to play and sing at various events including performances at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música or in the Liceu’s main Auditorium.

We believe that creative and performing arts are fundamental to providing a broad and balanced education, enhancing intellectual capacity, encouraging children to think independently and helping them to explore their creativity, imagination, artistic sensibility and emotions. The school offers comprehensive programmes in the artistic, expressive and visual arts, including music, painting and drawing, helping our students to create, explore and innovate.

In Debate, communication skills in public speaking and discussion in Spanish and English are encouraged and developed so that students can become confident, organized and respectful conversationalists.