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Success of our students

Success of our students

During an interview with María Alcaide, General Coordinator of the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages at AIS Barcelona, ​​we are provided with an insight into the educational methodologies [...]

During an interview with María Alcaide, General Coordinator of the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages at AIS Barcelona, ​​we are provided with an insight into the educational methodologies employed at the school during these stages to help students achieve the highest levels of academic success.

Agora International School Barcelona offers a carefully structured curriculum, focusing on the students’ professional future and providing them with the best opportunities for academic and personal success. María Alcaide, General Coordinator of Secondary and Baccalaureate at AISB, is an experienced professional who tells us a little about how the curriculum operates during these crucial educational stages.

The curriculum at AISB focusses on helping to prepare our students academically, personally and professionally for the challenges they will face as they go out into the world; our students complete their studies at the school as useful and capable individuals prepared to take their places within the international community. Our senior school curriculum is designed to develop young men and women who have defined goals and are prepared to step out into the wider community as positive and happy people. To achieve their objectives, students are offered a complete and integrated educational programme that seeks to support them in their transition to university, and to help them develop the skills that they will need to succeed in the workplace. At an academic level this involves the delivery of subjects such as Entrepreneurship and Leadership where they learn the value of teamwork and engage in tasks such as creating a small business; on a personal level each student is carefully and individually monitored in order to determine how to provide them with the particular support and guidance that they need.

In order to access opportunities for further education overseas, in addition to the National Bachillerato, the school has introduced the International Baccalaureate. The introduction of the IB implies a change in the methodology at the school, as it encourages students to actively engage in, and become responsible for their own learning. The teacher’s role is as a guide and support for the students on their journey to develop their own abilities, instead of merely transmitting their own knowledge. As the International Baccalaureate is a recognised entry qualification for universities world-wide, we can ensure that our students have the qualifications necessary to access the best foreign universities.

Our curriculum also includes a coaching programme which commences in the first year of Post-16 education. Although students may already have made some decisions about their university education or working life, some may still be experiencing doubts or concerns about their futures. We organise a series of personal interviews throughout the two-year course, during which students can think more deeply about their choices, receive help and guidance and explore possible alternatives with their teachers. Our aim is to help our students reach confident and clear decisions about the steps that they will be taking when they leave school.

The training given to our students is reflected in the success of former students like Nuria who is studying Engineering and Communications Systems, or Miguel, who is undertaking a double degree in Law and Economics; these students have used the skills and knowledge acquired during their time at Agora International School Barcelona to continue their journeys towards a bright and successful future.


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