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Esports Training Programme

Video games and Esports are consolidating as one of the main sectors in terms of growth and job opportunities. Agora Barcelona and Wizards Club have joined forces to offer a high-quality Esports educational programme with the aim of providing young talents with the necessary tools to make their dreams come true. 

The programme

Wizards Club and Agora Barcelona International School have created a complete educational programme that integrates regulated educational training in ESO with specific training in Esports to train talented people and help them become excellent professionals.

Wizards Club is a company dedicated to the electronic sports sector (Esports). The club has been competing nationally and internationally in different video game competitions, both online and in person, for more than 15 years. It is currently considered one of the best clubs in Spain and has several international titles that position it as a benchmark in the sector.

What makes this programme special?

  • A programme 100% adapted to real needs and continually updated.
  • A perfect balance between the development of academic and professional skills.
  • Use of analytical tools.
  • Teachers with experience in talent training.
  • Understanding the ecosystem and the relationship between the different agents involved in the video games and electronic sports sector.
  • Working in real competitive environments.
  • Attending video game events.
  • Seal of quality that allows better access to professional teams.

Technical training

Students will receive specific technical training: MOBA (training in League of Legends) and BATTLE ROYALE (training in Fortnite) and necessary skills for the workplace

  • Leadership.
  • Initiative and proactivity to achieve goals.
  • Definition of roles and decision making.
  • Emotional management.
  • Trust and frustration management.
  • Participation and intragroup communication.
  • Creative, critical and analytical thinking.
  • Concepts and strategies to improve adaptability and flexibility in stressful situations.
  • Management of tasks and execution times.
  • People management.

It is also important to combine daily training with physical exercise to improve the performance of professional players. The course will feature one hour of daily physical exercise at school with sports such as swimming, basketball, soccer…, and a specific health and nutrition programme.

Educational training

The academic programme is flexible, allowing students to perfectly combine academic periods with competitions, keeping the academic level above the training in Esports. They also have mentoring sessions with teachers, and personalized academic guidance.

Furthermore, in the Esports sector, the competitive part is as important as the personal brand, so students will be trained for the correct development and management of their brand in the following areas:

  • Photography.
  • Video editing.
  • Social networks.
  • Adequate and responsible communication.